Tottenham Hale Green Link

KLA is excited to be leading Tottenham Hale Green Link in collaboration with Witherford Watson Mann, Jane Wernick Associates and Alan Baxter. This project seeks to change the balance from car to cycle and highlight Tottenham Hale's distinct riverine identity.

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Walthamstow Wetlands on site

Contract 1 and 3 are currently on site at Walthawstow Wetlands. A new pedestrian and cycle pathway will enable visitors to enjoy and learn about the site’s rich biodiversity and it's importance as a historic operational landscape that supplies drinking water to London.

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Civic Trust Award for Brentford High Street

Brentford High Street 'making the connection' receives a Civic Trust Award 2015.

KLA lead a diverse team including a number of artists and designers to respond to London Borough of Hownslow's vision to ‘make the connection’ with placemaking at the heart of these Brentford projects.

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Mirror signage at Drapers Field

Drapers Field pavillion becomes a sign, attracting more visitors to the park from High Road Leyton.

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Brentford High Street - Sheds complete

This ambitious project to revitalise the canal side sheds on Brunel's listed canal side in Brentford is complete. The sheds project supports an important link between Brentford High Street and the Great West Road.

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playful urban realm

Part of the idea of the playful urban realm is the use of intrinsically playful objects which, without clear function or ownership, encourage social interaction and community cohesion through play. Great to see the waves at Drapers Field do just that:

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