Brentford High Streetmaking the connection

Linking the High Street to the Golden Mile

Brentford has a unique location where the railway, canal network and River Thames meet. This point of exchange, particularly the relationship to water, historically informed Brentford’s Market Town character. However, Brentford has become car centric and indistinguishable from its neighbours - its identity gradually eroded since the 1940s. KLA's projects seek to reassert Brentford High Street's sense of place and identity.

The newly configured Market Place public realm is flexible space that accommodates regular markets and events whilst also providing a living room in the town centre with a variety of opportunities for meeting and playing across all generations. 

Moving high street addresses the connection via the towpath to the Golden Mile and in doing so extends the high street's influence and encourages local trade and exchange through the testing transport alternatives.

Through the process of developing the moving high street a strong team of collaborators were formed and together further developed social economic activation project, Brentford Works. Together with MAAP, The Decorators and Brentford High Street Steering Group a lease was negotiated for the shop on the corner of the High Street to become an outlet for activity/small businesses.

The dark interior of the sheds previously formed a space that felt unsafe, and served as deterrent to a key line of movement along the towpath between Brentford Town Centre and the Golden Mile. The new timber fretwork facades allow light into the space during the day and become a beacon of light at night.

Different threads of the project: the cultural and economic venues of the sheds and the market place; the cycling culture initiatives through Brentford works and the Brentford cargo bike programme; as well as the walking connections opened up by the sheds project, all pull towards making Brentford a more socially sustainable and liveable place.

Hounslow, London


London Borough of Hounslow / Greater London Authority (GLA)




Simon Periton

Lubna Chowdhary

Collaborating Organisation

Meanwhile Space

the Decorators


London Bike Hub

Brentford High Street Steering Group

Studio Dekka

Cost Consultant

Appleyard & Trew



Alan Baxter

Graphic Design

Guglielmo Rossi



Grant Smith


2015 Civic Trust Award Commendation
2015 Landscape Institute President's Award Winner
2015 Landscape Institute Urban Design and Masterplanning Award Winner

Brentford High Street

Linking the High Street to the Golden Mile

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